Robert J. Silver, Ph.D. --- Forensic & Consulting Psychology

Forensic and Consulting Psychology 
    in Taos / Santa Fe, New Mexico & Austin, Texas

About Dr. Silver

Telephone:  (575) 770-2020

Professional History


    Robert J. Silver, Ph.D. practiced clinical and forensic psychology for more than forty-five years.  His career included private practice of clinical and forensic psychology, academic faculty appointments at major universities, and significant administrative positions. He is now fully retired from professional psychology practice.

Clinical Practice

    Dr. Silver’s clinical practice included the evaluation and treatment of hundreds of adult and adolescent patients exhibiting a wide range of mental disorders, including serious mood and personality disorders.  He treated patients as individuals, as couples, as families, and in intensive group treatment modalities.  Dr. Silver’s clinical expertise resulted in his being frequently in demand as the psychologist of choice as both a consultant and as a treating clinician for other mental health professionals: psychologists, psychiatrists, clinical social workers, and professional counselors.

Forensic Practice 

    Forensic cases brought Dr. Silver’s clinical expertise to bear as a consultant and as an expert witness in the areas of family, civil, criminal, and administrative law.  Historically, his most noteworthy forensic role involved consultation to the Office of the Texas Attorney General in a high-profile lawsuit between the States of California and Texas concerning determination of  legal domicile and consequent multimillion dollar tax liability of the estate of a deceased internationally famous billionaire.  Here, Dr. Silver’s consulting assignment focused on a postmortem effort to determine the chronological point at which the subject may have become too psychologically impaired to competently determine his legal domicile.  Few cases enjoyed the notoriety of this assignment.  Typical consultations involved the assessment and evaluation of psychological factors that have import for decisions regarding child custody, emotional injury, employment discrimination, fitness for law enforcement duty, and competence to stand trial.

Academic Appointments

    In the area of academic psychology, Dr. Silver held lengthy faculty appointments at both Illinois State University and at The University of Texas at Austin.  In these positions he taught a variety of seminars for graduate students in clinical and counseling psychology, and pursued primary research interests in group psychotherapy.

Administrative Appointments

    As an administrator, Dr. Silver served for several years as Director of Psychology Training and Research at Austin State Hospital in Austin, Texas.  In this position, he led the development of a pre-doctoral internship program in clinical psychology which was successful in gaining prestigious American Psychological Association approval.  In the private sector, Dr. Silver served as Director of Psychological Services at one of Austin’s private psychiatric hospitals.

Current Practice

  Dr. Silver is retired from professional practice.

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